If you have connected an external pointing device to your laptop or MacBook, you may want to disable the touchpad lest your fingers touch it accidentally and cause interruptions during work. For instance, if you are more comfortable using an external, wireless mouse with your laptop, you may not need the touch-pad at all. Here are the ways to disable it.


Different Options for Different Laptops

If you have one of the older laptops, you may not find the touchpad icon on the system tray or a dedicated touchpad button on the keyboard. But, this doesn’t mean you cannot disable it. You may have to look for different options depending upon the make and model of your laptop. Check this

Many laptops let you toggle the touchpad states by using the Function keys. For instance, you can press Fn and F5 key together on many Dell computers to enable or disable the touchpad. If you have a HP computer, simply keep your finger pressed on the top left corner of the trackpad for a little while to disable it. You can repeat this process to reactivate the touchpad.

Thankfully, the new laptops either have a physical button somewhere at the top of the keyboard or an icon on the screen to turn the touchpad on or off.

If the manufacturer has provided the physical on/off key for touchpad, you will usually find it above the Function keys. Look for the row of keys that are nonstandard to a keyboard and perform machine specific functions. You may find the touchpad key among them.

You may also find the touchpad icon on the system tray or the notification area of your laptop. Turn the laptop on and wait for the OS to load. Choose your login profile and enter the password (in case you have created a profile and password). Once the OS has loaded up you can locate the touchpad icon (if at all it is there).

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From the Device Manager

If you are not able to find the icon or physical key for the touchpad, follow these steps to disable it from the Device Manager:

–    Click Start on your Windows OS
–    In the search box type Device Manager
–    From the search result click Device Manager
–    Now expand the option called ‘Mice and other pointing devices.’
–    Right click on the Touchpad option
–    Select Disable in the pop-up menu
–    Confirm your action on the next dialogue box

Make sure that you have connected another pointing device to your laptop before disabling the touchpad.


If you wish to disable touchpad on your MacBook, here is what you need to do:

–    OS X Lion and higher versions

  •  Go to System Preferences
  • Select Accessibility
  • Choose Mouse & Trackpad
  • Check the box that reads ‘Ignore built-in trackpad’

–    OS X Snow Leopard

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Select Universal Access
  • Click Mouse & Trackpad
  • Check the box that reads ‘Ignore built-in trackpad’

In both the cases you can turn the trackpad ON again by unchecking the ‘Ignore built-in trackpad’ option.