Imagine you have to prepare yourself for a dance performance for your school or college competition. To best way to do this is YouTube videos we all know this! But what if you have to watch that video repeatedly. It will not only waste your time on that buffering sign but also exhaust your internet data connection. The solution to this problem is to watch videos offline by downloading them.

Video downloaders allow you to watch videos and movies offline without any internet connection. There are many such video downloaders like SnapTube, TubeMate, Videoder, Cartoon HD and many more. They all basically work in one or the same way. The only difference lie in their quality and content availability. Let’s pin down the most powerful video downloader applications for Android.

TubeMate Video downloader


TubeMate is an application that will enable you to download and watch unlimited videos and movies in one go. You can search for latest videos, series, download them and watch anywhere and anytime you want. Users can convert Mp4 to Mp3 files without any extra hard work, connect to Chromecast and also share your favorite movie or video link to your friends and family through variou social media sites like Facebook, instagram, Twitter and many more.


SnapTube apk

I am sure you have heard of SnapTube. SnapTube is considered to the best video downloading application till now. The same as TubeMate it provides you with all the basic feature as well as it allows you to share your favorite movie and videos link with others through social media sites. Otherwise, SnapTube works exactly the same as TubeMate.

Videoder Video downloader


Videoder video downloader application is again an app especially created and designed for Android devices. It is very soothing to your eyes and comfortable to your fingers. Search option works amazingly well. You can find unlimited latest and old movies and videos by their keywords. The only drawback to this application is that sharing option is not available for users. Otherwise, it will provide you with HD quality and amazing downloading speed, of course, depending on your internet connection. Please visit 9apps or uptodown website for Videoder Download



VidMate is an video downloader that will give you some awesome collection of latest videos including movies and tv series. You surely can’t miss this app. Overall, this app will gives you all the features of a video downloader excluding sharing of videos and their links. Its HD quality, video downloading speed, Live Tv and different games are some features that you can’t miss while exploring it. You can try it out!


Video downloader applications are an entertainment package for you. With so many features and unstoppable games, you can for sure can’t get your eyes of the applications. These were the Top 4 applications. Users can download them from their official websites or from other sites like uptodown, 9apps, apkmirror and many more.