YouTube has been the best video and movie streaming website across the world. YouTube is alone a website that gives professionals a platform to display their work in a more attractive and simpler way possible. It has been entertaining people for a very long time now, so we can say that soon YouTube will be reaching its saturation level. And yet, people are unaware of its tips and tricks.

YouTube is adding new techniques and methods to watch movies on a better scale possible. There are customers who have been able to look out for YouTube’s loopholes in quite some time. After a lot of struggle and hard work, we have been able to trace its tips and tricks. Therefore, today we will be discussing the top 5 YouTube tricks that you may not know.

Tips and Tricks of YouTube

  • HD streaming

Most of the times we tend to stream movies or videos through YouTube that provide us with HD quality videos. But due to low internet connection or for some internal problems, if turns out to be the other way round. Thus, to watch online videos in HD quality via YouTube, users can add a couple of secret codes to the end of the URL like “fmt=18” or “fmt=22”. This will provide you with 480*270 resolution and 1280*720 resolution respectively.

  1. Watch videos in 360 style

YouTube allows you watch videos in a 360 degree view. Via the computer users need the Chrome Internet Browser, enabling users to steer the view through their mouse. In fact, having to watch 360 degree view through your mobile would be a better choice. Download the YouTube application that will allow you to watch videos with different perspective by titlting and swiveling the screen.

  1. Download videos

Well, we all know that YouTube does not allow users to download videos or movies. You either rent them or buy them for eternity. But for users who love to watch downloaded movies in case the internet goes down, you can always add “SS” between “www” and “YouTube”. Of course, there are alternatives too; TubeMate, SnapTube, Videoder, Terrarium, PlayView and many more, but for a safe watching we recommend to use YouTube as the only option.

  1. Stitch, print with YouTube

A long kept hidden secret with users maybe useful for you. YouTube allows you to edit your photos and videos as and when you ike. If you are interested in filmmaking or just fan of video editing then, YouTube is the best platform you can work on. It enables you to stitch a patch of series, creating a storyboard out of it. And certainly, now you can print it.

  1. Relax and watch videos

If you want to lean back and control the video screen without mouse, then there is a good news for you. Users can watch videos on YouTube /leanback, where you can lean back and enjoy movies controlled by your keyboard. With left and right arrows you can jump back and forth, use home/end to go to the beginning and last seconds of th video. It is an interesting concept for movie lovers.

These were the top 5 tricks of YouTube that can be applied anytime you want. With these tips and tricks you can enjoy your videos or movies on YouTube itself. So, do let us know your experience with these tricks. Thank you!